Dental Implants

Dental Implants

In many instances we receive patients who have had previous implant surgery and are in need of critical assistance. We are here to help you. Our lead surgeon, Dr. Nicolas Elian, has performed over 30,000 implant surgeries, is a top-tier world implant expert and is a specialist in immediate extract/implant surgery techniques. Often the best choice for tooth replacement is an implant. Functioning as artificial roots, implants integrate with surrounding bone tissue to actually improve the integrity of the jaw. The Vizstara group is skilled in the application of more than 10 different leading implant systems, allowing us to select the one most suitable for your particular missing tooth.

The 3-step implant process is:

Assessment and planning
Everyone has a unique oral makeup. Dr. Nicolas Elian evaluates each patient thoroughly prior to providing the right treatment plan. This examination determines the need for surgery or alternatives and then next steps are determined.

Surgery and Placement

If your case requires surgery, an immediate extract implant procedure is scheduled and conducted. Vizstara facility is equipped with the latest technology to process this procedure in the safest manner possible.


Final implant restorations look and feel like your own teeth. Dr. Elian is available to answer all questions throughout this process to ensure that you are happy with your implant and experience minimal discomfort throughout this experience.