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Invisalign/Invisalign Teen/Braces

Braces align and straighten teeth and help to optimally position them with regard to a patient’s bite. They are used to treat and correct overbites, crooked teeth, as well as other jaw and teeth flaws. At Vizstara, we have a few different Brace options- InvisalignR, Teen InvisalignTMand metal braces.


 Braces or InvisalignR are options available with different attributes. Both will realign your teeth and straighten them so that you possess a great smile. What are some differences? Braces do require higher maintenance because after installation, visits to the doctor are necessary to tighten and loosen them as necessary. Metal Braces may cause some discomfort within the mouth should they aggravate the skin. InvisalignR, the clear aligners are very popular today for adults as well as teens.

InvisalignR offers the freedom of

  1. A pretty smile without metal accents

  2. Eat whatever you like- the trays are easily removable

  3. Smile freely! No one needs to know. Because the trays are transparent, no one can tell you’re smiling and having your teeth adjusted at the same time.

Treatment – Treatment timeframes do vary and are determined by the shift deviation of your teeth. Results provide a smile that will last forever.

Visit Vizstara for a consultation so we can determine which is the best approach for your needs!